Deburring of inserts for medical injection molding


Deburring of holes in a metal transformation part


Deburring the inner bores of a copper part



Automated Deburring

After the last machining step, deburring of the manufactured part is necessary in most cases. There are a variety of methods and machines available that can fulfill that task satisfactorily in most cases. Sometimes however, the geometry and/or sensitivity of the parts make it difficult or impossible to debur employing the conventional methods.
Based on our MicroGL process we have developed a highly effective deburring method which depicts almost no geometrical restrictions and can also be used on sensitive parts and/or materials such as Copper, Aluminum, etc.
This deburring process is very fast and tailored to the parts geometry. Additional advantages are a uniform, smooth surface appearance and no need to introduce separate cleaning procedures after deburring. We are in the process of automating certain aspects of it thus enabling the deburring of large numbers of parts.
We are already employing this method for injection molding inserts but companies manufacturing large numbers of sensitive metal transformation parts as well as milled parts also have expressed a profound interest in this new technique.



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