The four steps of success


With the support of development partners, Gloss & Coating has developed a optimally tuned technology for the Electronics & Automotive industry to change tool surfaces in the sub-micron range.
The technology is based on four blocks that are revolutionizing the "surface DNA".
Thus, Gloss & Coating can change process-relevant properties such as the tendency to form deposits and demolding forces, which influence the appearance and feel of the parts and the cycle times, among other things. We have already applied this technology to a large number of problems in injection molding and have successfully used it with numerous customers in a wide variety of industries.

Due to the manipulations in the nano range, it is also possible to rework tools that are already in production with the CuraTio process.
Gloss & Coating is thus able to remedy the current cost drivers in production.

Automated Polishing

CuraTio - AP

The first CuraTio block is a surface treatment process to reduce the initial roughness and remove the white surface layer.



CuraTio - ST

In the second process step, the steel/plastic contact surface is given a nanostructure. This is the pre-treatment for setting the surface polarity.


CuraTio - DM

The third CuraTio block sets the surface polarity for the specific application. This results in active support for demolding and deposit formation properties.


CuraTio - MH

Finally, the previous CuraTio blocks are sealed with cold diffusion that is tailored to the material and geometry.


This Is What We Do

Medical & Pharmacy

Demolding Optimization and Surface Unifomity & Automated Deburring for Sensitive Parts

Packaging & Consumer

Automated Polishing of Sensitive Parts & Extendend Maintenance and Cleaning Interval

Specific Solutions

Tailored Surface Modification for Specific Customer Needs