Process Development

On request, we develop, in close cooperation with development partners and research institutes, tailor-made processes in the areas of automated polishing and deburring as well as surface modifications for your application-specific needs.

Technology Overview


How we Validate our Developments

Internal quality assurance is our most important asset. To validate our process developments, we rely on modern digital microscopy, streak light projection and roughness measuring devices.

We also use the existing technologies for analyzes and measurements for our customers.

Cooperation with the Plastic Institute L├╝denscheid

The experimental tool of the Plastic Institute L├╝denscheid for capturing the demolding forces represents a measuring instrument with which the demolding-relevant surface effects between the tool surface and plastic melt can be evaluated. By means of a torsional movement of the mold insert, which can be exchanged through a quick-change system, the torque necessary for detachment (or "demolding") is recorded over time. In this process, the insert rotates by 180 degrees. During the rotational movement, a surface pressure between the mold insert and the molded part can also be set and monitored by means of measurement, so that swelling effects and their influence on the surface phenomena can be traced.


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Our mission is to explore and push the boundaries of chemical and mechanical surface modifications in demanding processes.


This Is What We Do

Automotive & Electronics

The four blocks of the CuraTio technology which revolutionize the "surface DNA"

Medical & Pharmacy

Demolding Optimization and Surface Unifomity & Automated Deburring for Sensitive Parts

Packaging & Consumer

Automated Polishing of Sensitive Parts & Extendend Maintenance and Cleaning Interval